Retroviral Marketing

In a post viral world, what does marketing look like? We have recently been offered a glimpse by FireProClub.com. The unlikliest of agents to expose such a paradigm shift? So, perhaps, you are meant precisely to believe. This congregation of enthusiastic rasslin' otaku recently posted elaborate details of a yet-to-be-announced entry in the storied Fire Pro Wrestling franchise, claiming their source as a man with very special connections to the project.

What better time for GDC09 to come upon us. While taking a break from the conference drudgery at a nearby tavern, I happened upon an old friend of mine: celebrity game dev and man of action himself, Suda51. Over a cold doppelbock, I pulled up the Fire Pro Club's purportedly leaked info on my iPhone. I then slid it across the small mahogany pub table without saying a word, so as not to bias Suda-san's reaction. He casually scrolled the page, looking up as the iPhone cast an ominous glow in the dark, cool air of the cave-like tavern. "Clever, aren't they?" he replied with a subtle wink. Was the hoax merely a product of overzealous fanboys, or a project of the penultimate fanboy himself? With visionary figures like Suda-san, these questions are most potently heuristic when they remain unanswered.


Proving the Old Axiom

Being a normal man (in the normal ways at least; exceptional in others), there are certain feelings that manifest themselves in the course of being a freelance journalist and consultant. And so to convey various notes about the games industry that arise outside the scope of my professional activities, this blog is unceremoniously born of a few clicks and skipping of much Terms of Service verbiage I claim to have read. Here I intend to post items in a fashionably haphazard (read: infrequent) manner. For more active updates, please refer to my professional workblog or follow me on Twitter. And if you're that hard up for momentary distraction to while away the work day, visit my friends and associates linked probably to the righ of this post (somewheres).

-Jeysen Jürgensen
Freelance Journalist and New Media Consultant