Retroviral Marketing

In a post viral world, what does marketing look like? We have recently been offered a glimpse by FireProClub.com. The unlikliest of agents to expose such a paradigm shift? So, perhaps, you are meant precisely to believe. This congregation of enthusiastic rasslin' otaku recently posted elaborate details of a yet-to-be-announced entry in the storied Fire Pro Wrestling franchise, claiming their source as a man with very special connections to the project.

What better time for GDC09 to come upon us. While taking a break from the conference drudgery at a nearby tavern, I happened upon an old friend of mine: celebrity game dev and man of action himself, Suda51. Over a cold doppelbock, I pulled up the Fire Pro Club's purportedly leaked info on my iPhone. I then slid it across the small mahogany pub table without saying a word, so as not to bias Suda-san's reaction. He casually scrolled the page, looking up as the iPhone cast an ominous glow in the dark, cool air of the cave-like tavern. "Clever, aren't they?" he replied with a subtle wink. Was the hoax merely a product of overzealous fanboys, or a project of the penultimate fanboy himself? With visionary figures like Suda-san, these questions are most potently heuristic when they remain unanswered.