Hindsight, 20/20, et al.

A proverb from my ancestral land of Norway:

"Av barn og fulle folk får ein høyre sanninga."

I don’t know what that means, but I thought I should open with another quotation.

Also like my last post, SNK is the matter of the day. This time, gadabout gadfly Jeremy Parish offers a glimpse back at the Neo Geo Pocket Color, SNK’s well intentioned but ill fated handheld turned failed yakuza investment. Though flawed, Parish’s account of the system’s turbulent lifecycle offers a good read. I would be remiss not to don my own pair of rose colored glasses with which to fondly remember the many hours I spent with Match of The Millennium on my own beloved ‘Pocket. Though frankly the software library offered little of interest beyond that clash of the fighting franchises, SNK’s NGPC remains a curious blip on the radar of gaming’s past.